Selecting your campuses

To accommodate different needs of our students, UniSadhuGuna provides four campuses located in Greater Jakarta’s most strategic location. You can select one of our campuses which is most convenience for you.

Campus Facilities

Pondok Indah Campus

UIC College Pondok Indah Campus is nestled in the elite area near to Pondok Indah, where major international businesses and entertainment centers located. The campus is designed in a business look setting, to make the students feel the nuance of a professional working environment.

With access to international resources and professional practices, the campus allows UIC College students to benefit first-hand learning from the best in the industry. This privilege will help students to gain the essential skills and knowledge they need to build a professional portfolio.

Kelapa Gading Kampus

Our Campus is located at Gading Walk, neighboring Mal Kelapa Gading. It provides a safe and cozy boutique environment for students to enjoy their learning in. This small campus will provide all the facilities students need and allow them to benefit from positive and productive support to their learning.
The Campus, and its facilities provision, is designed to be business-like and professional. The campus provides conducive environment which will shape students to be maturing adolescents that have self-discipline, independence and originality of thought.

Standard Facilities



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