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July 11, 2019
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July 25, 2019
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Meet The New 2019 Students Union President & VP!

UnSadhuGuna Pondok Indah Campus is proud to welcome the incoming 2019 Students’ Union  President, Bill Inderadjajanata and Vice President, Vina Angelina.

July 23rd 2019 was the first election day where 4 (four) candidates competed their visions & missions on how to make great changes and leadership growth for their campus. All candidates from Uniprep & UIC College presented their best goals on that day.

Finally, July 30th  2019, we’re proud to hold special election ceremonies to celebrate these brilliant students and their achievements.

Who would have thought that these kids can show their most reliable vision and mission through election day. Both elected members agree that their main priority for the 2019 year is to make student life the best experience possible on campus through student engagement, an effective & productive activities, involvement and social media network support.

Congratulations once more on behalf of Uniprep family to the new leaders of our Campus! We wish you both a very successful academic year ahead!

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