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UniSadhuGuna International Education is the largest and most integrated international education pathway provider in Indonesia. Since its inception in 1994, it has continuously provided students with access to leading universities worldwide.

Entering its third decade in the business, UniSadhuGuna maintains its focus on excellent education and international engagement. The institution has a proven track record of producing top quality and job-ready graduates, which explains the increasing number of intakes each year.

As Member of UniSadhuGuna, Our philosophy lies in the belief that good education empowers the community; We firmly believe that quality education builds a competitive generation. As such, we constantly strive to provide relevant curriculum, dynamic teaching methods, ongoing partnerships with leading international universities, as well as strong industry linkages.


Founded by Yayasan Persaudaraan Bangbayang’66, UniSadhuGuna (USG) is an educational institution designed to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. USG is determined to raise the bar for education in the country and to produce internationally recognised graduates that can compete in the global market.

In the long run, USG is committed to empower and develop the community by focusing on social issues, quality education and vocational training.


Yayasan Persaudaraan Bangbayang’66 (YPB’66) is a foundation whose visions revolve around three areas of strengths - healthcare, education and environment - all of which hold the key to the development of community in the future. Tackling these issues, the founding fathers believe, will prepare the future generations to live and work in the increasingly global environment.

The foundation was established by 45 prominent Indonesian figures, whose common experiences as students at the reputable Bandung Institute of Technology in the 1960s tie together the threads of their past.

The sociopolitical uncertainty of the era drove them to the forefront of student activisms - an experience that cultivated a deep sense of patriotism in each of them. As young men, they pledged to provide better opportunities for the country’s next generations.

As fate would have it, these former activists had established themselves as industry leaders in their respective fields of expertise, including mining, petrochemical, electrical supply, banking, marketing and communications. Some went on to become parliament members and ministers, others successful entrepreneurs and respected corporate figureheads.

It was a long, winding road before they finally came together and brought to life what was once a shared vision among idealistic young students. But remain they committed to their decades-long vision, which gave birth to YPB’66 in 1994.


  • 2006

    UIC College of Business was established offering BTEC EDXCEL LEVEL 5 in Business
  • 2008

    UIC College of Design first intake offering BTEC EDEXCEL LEVEL 5 in Graphic Design
  • 2014

    UIC College of Business Kelapa Gading Campus was initiated
  • 2015

    UIC College in collaboration with UTS College offer pathway to UTS programs in Business & Engineering


Visi tersebut akan dicapai dalam rangka mengembangkan dan menjalankan proyek pendidikan dan pelatihan untuk umum, industri, LSM dan sektor publik melalui keterlibatan, perjanjian dan penyebaran ide untuk perubahan dari masyarakat. Untuk jangka panjangnya UniSadhuGuna juga berharap untuk dapat memfasilitasi keikutsertaan dalam Lembaga Sipil melalui penelitian yang tertuju secara spesifik kepada: Permasalahan sistematik, sosial, dan kualitas dalam pendidikan/pelatihan. Mekanisme social safety net untuk menyediakan sistem pendidikan/pelatihan yang bisa bertahan untuk seluruh rakyat Indonesia. Terkait dengan ini adalah keinginan untuk berpartisipasi dalam penelitian yang berhubungan dengan perbaikan pemerintahan di Indonesia. Oleh sebab itu UniSadhuGuna berniat untuk mendirikan “Centre for Sustainable Education Development”. Unit-unit Bisnis UniSadhuGuna terdiri dari : UNIPREP Program persiapan Internasional untuk memasuki institusi Pendidikan Tinggi Internasional UniSadhuGuna International College Business and Design Program Sertifikasi Internasional untuk dapat melanjutkan ke Pendidikan Tinggi Internasional Unistart Jasa Konsultasi dan Penempatan Pendidikan UniSadhuGuna Business School Program Sertifikasi Bisnis yang diterima secara Internasional The British Institute Program Sertifikasi Kursus Bahasa Inggris UTC UniSadhuGuna Testing Center UJC Program Setaraf SMA dengan kurikulum Internasional untuk dapat melanjutkan ke Pendidikan Tinggi Internasional

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