Creativity Lab

I’M Virus (Integrated Mind Virus)

I’M Virus is a philosophy and principle that adopt the know how to infect each other using Integrated Mind, hence the name I’M Virus that stands for Integrated Mind Virus, it is a good and well-behaved virus. We believe that to become well-rounded professionals, our minds, bodies and souls must contain certain “chemicals” that will affect the way we think, create, make decisions and solve problems.

The chemicals in I’M Virus contain: strive for positive changes, communication, knowledge, passion, motivation, inspiration, creativity, skills, research, analysis, observation, perseverance, senses, characters, ability to share, mindfulness, competence, awareness, common-sense, intelligence, diligence, risk-taking, responsibility, manner, professionalism, independence, humility, conscience, consistency, cooperativeness, compassion, open-mindedness, conceptual thinking, ideas, aesthetics.

We intend to spread this virus to surrounds society therefore everyone have the  intention to change this world into a better place. With this philosophy UniSadhuGuna, aimed at shaping our students to be educated professional that are well-rounded amongst others and have integrated mind to constantly make a positive differences in this world.

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