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April 4, 2016
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April 21, 2016
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On March 8th 2016, UIC Business students made a field trip to Jungleland –, one of the adventure theme parks in Indonesia.

Far beyond the classroom and textbooks, UIC Business conducts regular field trips to different companies as part of their learning activities. During their field trips, students have the chance to observe company’s operations, conduct marketing research and build their network. This particular field trip was different, adventurous and fun because the students went Jungleland, one of the largest theme parks in Indonesia. The management team of Jungle land welcomed the students as they arrived. The visit continued with the management team sharing about their marketing strategy, organization structure and culture, also their sales planning strategies. After the visit, the students were asked to propose recommendations for Jungle land to improve their organization’s performance. After all of the fun learning with the management team, the students continued the trip exploring attractions at Jungle Land, making the field trip very inspiring, and yet so much fun.

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